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What are the best alternatives to iTunes?

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If you can't stand being tied to iTunes software, there are a good selection of simpler piece of decent alternatives of iTunes that allow you to manage songs, playlists, movies, podcasts, photos and more across device, and do much more that iTunes allows. If you're looking for iTunes alternatives that are highly reliable and easy to use, the iTransfer software is most likely to top that list.

It can sync media files including songs, movies, TV shows, photos, audiobooks, ringtones, podcasts from local library on computer with your iOS and Android devices, regardless of its file format; as well as copying content on device back to your iTunes library or computer seamlessly. You can also even it to access your device library and manage files in it.

15 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux

An extra toolbox extends the functionality of iTransfer to make it a brilliant one-stop solution that's more than just a iTunes replacement. It comes with a plethora of useful tools for you to play, discover, download, record, manage and transfer music tracks. One of its more unique features is its built-in record option, which means if you want to listen to something else from a music station or app, you can do so without a hitch.

It also sports a list of other useful features such as rebuilding iTunes library, removing DRM, burning CD, car playlist. Overall, iMusic is a great iTunes replacement that will satisfy most people's needs when it comes to managing digital music library.

CopyTrans Manager is one of those iTunes replacements that find its way to transfer music, videos, playlists from iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer or iTunes. You just download it on your computer, connect your iOS device, and you're ready to get files transferred. Last, though definitely not least, is the SharePod which is also a nice alternative to iTunes that works on both Mac and Windows.