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Once Commodore dropped out of the personal computer market, it became mostly a two-company race between Apple's Macintosh Mac line of computers and legion of IBM-compatible computers, which were often referred to even by Apple! Apple framed it as you could buy a PC or you could buy a Mac. Now that we know that a Mac is a PC, it probably won't surprise you to learn that Macs have more in common than Windows-based PCs than you might think.

How much in common? As much as Apple sometimes prefers the Mac to be thought of as something different than a PC, it's never been more similar. Be prepared for your mind to be blown a second time: the Mac OS supports both a left-click and a right-click for the mouse. More than that, you can hook up the mouse you use on your Windows PC and use it on a Mac.

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And while Apple's Magic Mouse may seem like it is a single button, clicking it from the right side produces a right-click. In fact, one of the biggest stumbling blocks people coming from the Windows world comes down to keyboard shortcuts. The first time you try to use control-c to copy something to the clipboard, you realize that control-c doesn't copy anything to the clipboard. You see, on the Mac Command-c does.

And as simple as that sounds, it can take some getting used to before it feels natural. If you've heard the term hackintosh used, you might be a little confused. But don't worry, it doesn't mean a Mac that's been hacked. At least, not in a bad sense. Remember how a Macbook or iMac can run Windows because the hardware is virtually the same?

Pros of Macs

We tried shopping for a PC just to compare, and after about 15 minutes our eyes glazed over. Those same people often get frustrated that if you want to run the Mac OS, your choices are essentially limited to Apple, and then the limited choices they give you within that.

In general, when Apple makes assumptions with its software, it gets it right, Microsoft often gets it wrong. Most often, however, it just gets annoying. Most people spend more time undoing the presumptions than benefitting by them… Microsoft is just horrible at getting in the way. While this has changed just a little as Apple has gained ground on Microsoft, Mac users are still living in relative bliss with the lack of viruses, spyware and malware.

Apple is further assisting with backing up with the utilization of iCloud, something especially appreciated in this age of people using multiple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.

PC or Mac? Which is best for me?

Microsoft makes the software. Then you have third-party drivers and whatever else for all the peripherals.

Which Platform Is Right for You?

When you have a problem, everyone points a finger at everyone else. With the Mac, the issue rests more often just with Apple.

Setup is simple and safe for your Mac files. The Finder not only lets you browse files on your Mac, it also makes it easy to find files on other computers — both Mac and PC — on your home network. Work with anyone.

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