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See All Buying Options. Klipsch ProMedia 2. Most people don't realize that it's removable! Now, these are the absolute best computer speakers. I mean, these sound insanely good! I'm a Klipsch customer for life. I run a global equalizer on my Mac Using an app called Hear, much better then my previous EQ called Boom , which makes the output unrivaled. I've never been so satisfied with desktop speakers. Trust Klipsch. Trust THX. Run an equalizer. Sabrent 4-Port USB 3. Good Job!!

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This is great. I detest having to rotate my iMac 27" to reach the USB ports. I also don't like having unwieldy usb hubs laying around. The Sorbent 4-port hub fits perfectly. Snapped on in a sec. To install, I placed the front tabs in their position and then moved the USB plug to the desired position. Went great.

It is made our of hard plastic I have used it a few times to make sure it works. Things seem fine. I do use external speakers for my iMac. I did switch over to the internal speakers after installing the USB hub and can not tell any problems there I've added a few photos so that When I first purchased the system, November , I was impressed.

However, I had several problems with the system, including easily disconnecting from the blue tooth; even though connected, not giving sound; and recently, after returning from a few days away, now I have only about half power sound. Then, it completely died. I was very disappointed.

Too much money for too many problems. Then I contacted Harman Kardon customer service. They were responsive to my concerns, and paid for me to return the product to them. Today I received a new system, which was an upgraded newer version. Bought this for my 7 year old Niece. She is able to use the UI, find songs, switch modes with no problem. Prob best cheap player I have ever seen. My niece, on her own, keeps a little I recently recieved this speaker a couple days ago and was very happy with my purchase.

The speaker is small, made with quality plastic, has a protective rubber grips so it doesn't scratch your computer and has a cord which can be wrapped away in the back. I was impressed with the quality of the sound that came from them given its size it actually had some decent bass and could play pretty loud. The only small thing I noticed was that with alot movement, the speaker can become a little unstable.

Otherwise, great product especially for travelling!

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I got this sound bar about 4 hours ago and I'm really enjoying it. I like the way it looks and sounds, it's well built. And it was easy to set up too, just plug it in and it works. And when I crank up the volume it maintains sound quality too, unlike other inexpensive speakers I've owned that turn into audio mud at high volume. I attached a short vid of it in action, the audio is from an old home video with some Creative Commons music added, so copyright is not an issue.

If anyone would like the CC info on the music then just request it in comments and I will provide it. Of course there are serious limitations in trying to reproduce sound quality from a cheap video camera mic, but it's probably better than a written description. No one gave me this for free for a review, or paid me to type one out.

This is a good sound bar style speaker for the price.

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It's not going win any awards for best sound. My monitor is 2 feet long and putting a small pair of speakers just looked silly to me. So, I found this and it's what I was looking for.

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Fits right under my monitor and looks great. Sound is okay, it does get pretty loud. Highs and mids are good but does need some bass to it. Overall, It's a good sound bar.

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One thing to note, when you turn it off, when makes a weird noise. Like a cell phone near radio static. Not a big deal tho. I bought one of these so that I could save some desk space. Other ports can transfer audio data as well. And some video ports transfer both audio and video data. Headphone: You can use this port as a combination headphone and line-out port. Connect headphones or speakers using a standard audio cable with a 3.

Using System Preferences

Connect external speakers, headphones, or optical digital audio equipment. For optical digital audio, use a Toslink cable with a Toslink miniplug adapter or a fiber-optic cable with a 3.

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Analog audio in: You can use this port to connect stereo equipment to your Mac with a stereo miniplug-to-RCA cable adapter.