Comment trouver le mot de passe wifi sur mac

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I really wanna learn some what of hacking just to get to know what I might deal with in the future with me getting more indepth with computers. Can I also suggest something: Why not move this website some on a Russian server? At lease no homeland narrow-minded idiots will interfere :. Has anybody found that brute force hacking is highly ineffective? The best way is to find some vulnerability on the page and exploit it. I think brute force should be the last thing tried. FOr one thing, it is highly suspicious in the logs as having one IP address go through a couple hundred, or even thousand, tries to log in unsuccessfully!

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The percentage of people who know even a bit about ARP poisoning or BlindSQL attacks is miniscule outside the security professional world. I think brutes are best used — in testing, cause you need to account for the possibility of someone else or their botnet using such methods, and not-online brutes, eg — decrypting a drive or some such that you have actually with you. Which is also of course, why they are legit apps also. The best way to get a password — or for that matter any personal information is social engineering.

A system can be impenetrable, but there is always one flaw, and that is the human element. Its the same thing with brute forcing, either you can try to brute force a website or ftp server or whatever, or with a quick phone call, you can find out everything you wanted to find out. Interested in getting as much info on this program as possible.

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Enable a monitor mode interface. Enter the following command: iwconfig. Kill any processes that return errors. In some cases, your Wi-Fi card will conflict with running services on your computer.


You can kill these processes by entering the following command: [1] airmon-ng check kill. Review the monitor interface name. In most cases, the name will be something like "mon0" or "wlan0mon".

Tell your computer to listen to nearby routers. To get a list of all routers in range, enter the following command: airodump-ng mon0. Find the router you want to hack. At the end of each string of text, you'll see a name; find the one belonging to the network you want to hack into. If you see "WPA" or "WPA2" immediately to the left of the network's name, you can proceed; otherwise, you cannot hack the network.

Note the MAC address and channel number of the router. These pieces of information are to the left of the network's name: MAC address — This is the line of numbers on the far-left side of your router's line. Channel — This is the number e. Monitor your selected network for a handshake. A "handshake" occurs when an item connects to a network e.

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Once you see a line with the tag "WPA handshake:" followed by a MAC address in the upper-right corner of the screen, you can proceed. If you're not in a waiting mood, you can force a handshake using a deauth attack before continuing with this part. Exit airodump-ng, then open the desktop. Rename your ". While not strictly necessary, this will make it easier to work with later. Enter the following command to change the name, making sure to replace "name" with whatever you want to name the file: mv.

Convert the ".

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La plupart des utilisateurs ont une adresse IP dynamique. Nous allons vous expliquer comment configurer cette solution simplement. Rendez-vous sur l'interface de votre Box internet pour faire une redirection de port sans redirection de port le service DDNS ne fonctionnera pas. Pour utiliser l'application mobile il faut avoir un compte Hik-Connect.

Changer son mot passe sous Mac Os X

Renseignez les identifiants de connexion nom d'utilisateur ou adresse email ainsi que le mot de passe. Derniers Posts. Commentaires Actuels bon article ca m'a bien servi. Tres clair et bien fait.

Parfait, c'est exactement ce que je cherchais. C Activation du service Hik-Connect 1.