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Maybelline, Rimmel and Revlon have some dupes too, but they're a little bit pricier. Therefore I decided to focus my research on Wet'n'Wild and Essence: I can get plenty of products from these brands on my local stores and their prices are amazingly inexpensive, which is always a plus! I need to stop rambling ASAP, so let's stop writing and let me introduce some dupes to y'all :. Ok, first things first. That lip liner is just one of the gorgeous things I've ever bought.

I normally apply it under the 03 Come Naturally from Essence nude lipsticks collection and it is just so Kylie Jenner and pretty. I can't say anything about the MAC blankety dupe because I do not own any of those, but from what I know, they look pretty similar.

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That Bare It All lipstick is gooorgeous too, love it. It is said to be a dupe of Velvet Teddy but it's lighter in my opinion, more similar to Kinda Sexy. The 05 Cool Nude from Essence is just beautiful. They're not the most pigmented lipsticks ever, but you can definitely build up the color. This is definitely going to be my next purchase as soon as I get to an Essence stand.

Mac Lipstick Drugstore Dupes + Lip Swatches

I've already swatched this 06 Barely There lipstick and it may not look exactly the same as Velvet Teddy, but the finish and the formula are pretty similar, which makes it a closer dupe. In the flesh and Spiked with rum by Wet'n'Wild are pretty similar shades, the first one is a little bit lighter than the other. Mochalicious is far from the red spectrum. Although it does have a hint of red in it, it is more of a brown-ish shade, a dupe of MAC Verve. A perfect shade for Fall, as it happens with all of the lipsticks in this category.

MAC Twig Dupes and Swatches

This last one it is the most amazing shade eveeeer, I love myself some vampy lipstick. I think Essence lipsticks are really nice for the price you pay for them.

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They're definitely not the most pigmented lipsticks ever, but they are buildable nice colors. They're not super durable either, but if you use them with a lip liner underneath you won't have to re-apply them for a decent amount of hours.

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However, those Wet'n'Wild Megalast Lipsticks Girl, let me tell ya, they absolutely are the bomb-dot-com. These are by far the most high quality, pigmented, matte and pretty lipsticks I've tried ever in my life. I've never get my hands into nothing high-end, not even remotely, but these have to be the closest you can get to high-end quality while paying 3 freaking dollars. They're said to be so drying, and they might be if you wear them for a really long time without re-applying.

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15 Nude Lipsticks From MAC & Their Affordable Dupes

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