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Speaking of backup, IDrive offers IDrive Express option which grants you with a physical hard disk drive in case you lose all your data, making a backup of your files rather quick and painless disk image backup feature is also covered. Businesses can also opt-in for IDrive, with unlimited users, single sign-on, server backup, and priority support as part of the package.

Hailing from Switzerland, pCloud offers no limit in terms of file size, making it ideal for storing large media files, although there are some limits when it comes to bandwidth. The service covers all desktop and mobile platforms, with a web-based login also available. Each plan comes with unlimited remote upload traffic and. A 50GB free plan is a bonafide rarity in cloud storage, so Mega delivers right for the start.

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Add in the easy-to-use interface powered by a drag-and-drop action and you have yourselves one of the best cloud storage solutions. A mobile app allows upload of files and photos, while desktop users have sync clients at their disposal. Being the invention of the infamous Kim Dotcom, Mega allows you to store files through an encrypted connection and maintain control over your encryption key.

That effectively prevents others, including the provider, from scanning your content.

What should you consider before choosing a cloud backup service?

In addition, the sync client is open-source and open to vulnerability checks, further adding to an already secure service. There are also Android and iOS apps for mobile uploads, as well as an improved app for Mac users. As a Microsoft platform, OneDrive works closely with Microsoft Office and Office suite, which is rather helpful if you are looking to boost productivity. Photos app can also sync images across all your devices using OneDrive, and you can selectively sync files that are stored on your hard drive. Premium plans come with Office , productivity tools, and tighter security.

Sign up for OneDrive. For instance, you can store anything through the Mac Finder app which integrates iCloud Drive, and also sync across all your devices iWork documents, which are saved to iCloud. For both personal and professional projects, Google Drive is the natural go-to cloud storage solution for a host of G Suite and Android users, due to seamless integration and versatility. The generous 15GB of free storage will also appeal to users of other platforms too, even if the web interface is somewhat poorly executed and not as user-friendly as elsewhere.

However, native clients allow Windows and Mac users easier file storage through drag-and-drop. Sign up for Google Drive. Non-corporate users have a 10GB free option to test things out. Box is an established service and supports a variety of apps such as Office and G-Suite that allow syncing and viewing files on and from any device.

Box apps for desktop cover Windows and Mac, while mobile can use the official Android client. Sign up for Box. Technically speaking, NextCloud is not an online cloud storage provider on its own. The benefit of a self-hosted product is you get to keep your data on your servers, offering complete control while being faster in performance.

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While this might seem intimidating for IT beginners or futile for serverless users, the service offers preconfigured hardware that runs NextCloud out of the box. Sign up for NextCloud here. Zero knowledge cloud storage pertains to the encryption process, which according to SpiderOak , takes place before syncing so the service has no idea of what you're storing with them. You are the only one who knows what's being encrypted and stored, which makes your data utterly private.

At 15GB to peruse at zero cost, Google Drive is one of the more giving cloud providers, with the option of additional 2GB of free storage if you perform Security Checkup.

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  5. Do note that all of your files from other Google services Gmail, Photos, etc. File sharing features are as simple as they can be, with the ability to share files with non-pCloud users. Built-in streaming features and no restriction on file size means you can freely send large files such as HD video to your friends or coworkers.

    Although the focus here is on the free offering, pCloud also offers appreciable deals for upgrading to a paid service. Sign up for pCloud. Granted, the basic paid plan offers 50GB for a fair price, and Office subscribers get 1TB of space for their trouble. For users on the go, there are mobile apps that allow easy cross-platform use.

    Remote storage of documents also included the ability to work on files online without downloading them, which certainly simplifies things. Sign up for Microsoft OneDrive. However, there are multiple ways to rake up additional space that include completing the starting guide MB , referring family, friend, or colleagues to the service MB per referral, up to 16GB , and contributing to the Dropbox Community forum 1GB.

    Once you get past that initial drawback, Dropbox reveals some crafty tricks.

    The Best Online/Cloud Backup Services

    For instance, Dropbox Paper is a collaborative tool that allows seamless sharing files between different users and syncs your photos to cloud automatically via the desktop app. You can also request users to upload directly to your Dropbox account with the File Requests feature, and edit files without downloading them first when working through the web version.

    The service also exhibits serious flexibility with a bundle of desktop and mobile apps that include all the regulars and some uncommon platforms like Linux and Kindle. This allows access to your storage platform from virtually any device, accompanied by a wide range of supported third-party apps and services. Sign up for Dropbox.

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    MediaFire starts you off with 10GB of free space, which you can then increase fivefold through various usual activities such as referring other people of following the company across the social media landscape. The service has been in the business for a long time and it had plenty of time to work out some kinks, such as speed and overall ease to manage files, even with non-users.

    MediaFire supports files up to 4GB large, with no limit of downloads.

    Support for the majority of common server applications. Free backup seeding service. Excellent security. IDrive's versatile and easy-to-use platform is packed with features and different ways to back up, store and recover your company's data, which is why we named it our best pick for small businesses.

    IDrive is best for anyone who has multiple machines to back up. Online backup for the person who wants everything; Backup, storage, sharing, local backup IDrive does just about everything. IDrive Express is a common-sense solution to time-consuming backups. All of the data is encrypted client-side using bit AES encryption with an optional private key, unusual security feature for syncing services.

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    Best Cloud Backup Solution for Mac + PC

    IDrive Snapshots Your best defence against ransomware. Does your backup service seed your initial backup, via Express service, in a week or less?

    1. Backblaze

    IDrive does. For Free. Learn more. With access to the BMR server, you can manage your backups and restores using the following features: Local Backups And Restores - Perform interactive or scheduled backups and restores of your registered physical clients and VMware machines using bare-minimal resources of your machines. Snapshots-based File Restores - Make point-in-time file recoveries from backed up machines by choosing specific recovery points.